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WATCH: Anne Kansiime talks miscarriages, abortions

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says he was forced to terminate pregnancy a number of times in the past.

In a candid conversation on YouTube channel, Kansiime recalled the times she terminated several pregnancies in the past, adding it was the reason she decided to keep her pregnancy a secret before giving birth.

“I started counting how many times I aborted, in campus,” she said.

“Then I started praying for all the men that I have ever been with and ask myself who cursed me.”

Kansiime added she lost some pregnancies to naysayers who had opinions over her life and ended up jinxing her ability to be a mother at the time.

She also disclosed she decided to keep her pregnancy a secret from the public eye so that she would not have to deal with the opinions of others.

“I kept it a secret because I did not want the devil to hear. I lost so many from people hearing and subconsciously I felt that is why I was losing. Sometimes I would be pregnant and I don’t know, but those who know pregnant people had something to say.”

The content creator also recalled how she miscarried many times before she conceived her son, stating she had to ask God for forgiveness in regards to her past choices to terminate the pregnancies.

“Over and over again. Miscarriages also happen to people who have never aborted, virgins who get pregnant. But when you get a miscarriage of a child that you want, you start taking stock of why you could be getting miscarriages, and I started counting the how many times I aborted in campus,” she said.

“The truth is when you ask God for a child, he tells you yes.”

The mother of one adds she is looking forward to having another child, but she will not let society pressure to conceive get to her..

The comedienne, who is popularly in Kenyan entertainment circles, struggled to conceive her first child whom she and her husband, Skylanta, were blessed with in April 2021.

Through her YouTube channel, Kansiime described her first child as a miracle.