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WATCH: Bandeet group drop Wajackoyah ‘anthem’

Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has been honoured with a song. The song has been sung by a group of singers namely Bandeet.

The four-minute song is dedicated to heaping praises on the Roots Presidential candidate for his promises that will ‘change the lives of the youth’.

The singers consistently refer to the renowned lawyer and policeman as the youth president.

In the hit, the singers show excitement with among others, the presidential hopeful’s move to legalize the cultivation and sale of bhang.

“Our economy needs resuscitation. We are tired of inflation,” the musicians sing.

Wajackoyah has garnered support from the youth while gaining popularity for his Jamaican vybe since he was cleared to vie for the presidency.

He has promised to use the proceeds from the cultivation of bhang in paying off the country’s debts.

He has also vowed to popularise snake farming and sell dog meat to China.

He also says he will only allow Kenyans to work for four days a week, instead of the current five.

Wajackoyah is among four candidates cleared to contest for the president in August 2022.

Others are William Ruto, Raila Odinga and Wahiga Mwaure.