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Watch: ‘Basmati babe’ confesses her illegal deeds

An undated video clip has surfaced online with a woman claiming to be involved in drugging gullible male revelers before emptying their bank and mobile money accounts.

In the clip, the woman popular known as ‘Basmati babes’ says that she has been drugging men and robbing them for years now and once arrested, she always finds her way out and then gets back to her business.

Her confession came after she was apparently denied entry at a popular drinking spot in the city.

“He (bouncer) kicked me out at another spot where I managed to Sh80k a night. If it wasn’t for money I wouldn’t be out here,” she is heard saying.

When asked why, she responds that she is already carrying her ‘pishori’ as she touches one of her jacket pockets.

“I am a thief,” she says.

According to the unidentified woman, once they are arrested they find a good lawyer who works magic and they are released.

Asked how much she makes, she replies by saying that she has done it for years and points at the bouncer and tells the person recording to ask him.

Her rant came after the bouncer denied her bribe. “I have tried to sweet talk him but he has refused,” she adds.

Watch the rant below.

Last week, a woman was arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts for allegedly spiking a man’s drink in Umoja estate, Nairobi and robbing him of Sh1.1 million.

Caroline Njeri Muchiri was charged that on May 29, 2021, she administered a stupefying chemical substance known as Salicylates poisoning (APYCY) on Bernard Cheruiyot Chirchir at Rystas Guest house in Umoja Estate with an intent to steal from him.

The court heard that the woman also unlawfully transferred money amounting to Sh1,126,200 from Cheruiyot’s Equity bank and National bank accounts into her several bank accounts and M-pesa accounts.

She was arrested with a pack containing the one – milligram tablets of Salicylates and was also said to have stolen Cheruiyot’s Huawei mobile phone and ATM cards.

She was released on a cash bail of Sh300,000 or an alternative bond of Sh1 million.

In May, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) released photographs of 12 women said to be part of a larger criminal syndicate who were employed by slain thug Samuel Mugo Muvota to spike unsuspecting revellers’ drinks.

According to the DCI, the women would identify their targets based on the brands of drinks that they ordered, their dress code and even the cars that they drove.

They would specifically single out affluent looking middle-aged men in the hopes of landing a big score.

Most of these women, the DCI added, have had run-ins with the law but have evaded prosecution, with their now deceased benefactor and boss bailing them out on a number of occasions.

The unmasking come after a series of exposés on how the slain thug built his business empire consisting of real estate properties from proceeds of crime.