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Watch Biko Adema spreading ‘Wamlambez’ gospel abroad – VIDEO

The song Wamblambez is without doubt the hottest hit presently in Kenya. For all its explicit content, the hit, by the group Sailors, has caught local music lovers by storm with its catchy phrase and double entendre.

So much so that it now appears that even Kenyans celebs are intent on trying to popularise the song globally.

The latest to jump to the bandwagon is national Sevens Rugby player Biko Adema.

Video that has been doing the rounds on social media caught Biko trying to teach American singer Christina Millan the viral hit title.


Biko, who is currently in the US, was accompanied by some friends when they met the award winning singer at a restaurant.

The short video recorded outside the restaurant begins with Christina giving a shout out to the three men.

“We at New York City at the Beignet Box and we got some friends that came through from Kenya and Rwanda, they had to come try this beignet, especially because you have mazandis?” Christina says.


Biko then corrects the Dip It Low singer telling her that the correct word is mandazi and not mazandi.

He then asks her to respond by saying “Wamnyonyez” when he calls out “Wamlambez”.

The song titled Wamlambez hit makers comprise Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Young, Qoqosjuma who collectively go by the stage name Sailors.

It was released in April this year and has so far attracted 2 million views, and counting, on YouTube.