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Watch: CAS Jaguar – Why I don’t post my wife on social media

Charles Njagua, the former Starehe Member of Parliament popularly known as Jaguar, has shed light on his decision not to share his romantic partner on social media.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, 12 May 2023 as CAS in the Ministry of Youth, Arts and Sports, Jaguar expressed that his first priority is his children, whom he considers his greatest possession.

“I share my children’s posts on social media, but only with them.”

Jaguar on set of his music video with a female actor. PHOTO| COURTESY

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However, on Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday, Jaguar said he might make an exception and post the love of his life.

He expressed his deep affection and admiration for his children and emphasised their importance in his life.

“I am in a loving and respectful relationship with a woman I cherish. However, she prefers to maintain her privacy,” he said, adding:

“For any man, his children are his first priority and responsibility. I am devoted to them,” Jaguar said, emphasising the importance of his role as a father.

Jaguar is said to have five children, but he posts photos of four of them online.

The Kigeugeu hitmaker fathered his eldest child, Tamara, with a woman identified as Magda, who is now the mother of two girls.

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Magda often refers to Jaguar’s other children as her own in her social media posts, expressing a strong bond and sense of maternal attachment towards them.

Although Jaguar didn’t elaborate on his family, he seems to be in a happy relationship with his current wife.

The former Starehe MP recently opened up about his past and how Kikuyu Benga musician Kigia Wa Esther took him in as her son after he lost his mother at the age of 11.

Speaking to the press, Jaguar expressed his heartfelt wish that his late mother could see the person he has become.

“I deeply wish my mother was still alive to see the person I have become. She passed away when I was just a little boy,” said Jaguar.

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