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WATCH: Catholic priest call for closure of noisy churches

By Wangu Kanuri November 28th, 2022 2 min read

A Catholic priest has stirred the hornet’s nest with calls for the closure of noisy churches within residential areas. Father Charles Kinyua, who was speaking to his online congregation during the first Sunday of advent, blamed some churches for noise pollution.

Fr Kinyua who is the Managing Director of Radio Waumini made the remarks at a time when Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has enforced a directive revoke the licenses of all nightclubs within Nairobi estates.

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“Our country is full of noise. The other day there is a gentleman in this country, a lawyer cum politician from this Turkana county. He made a statement which I actually supported 100 per cent. This is what he said, that just as the pubs are blocked from operating in estates because of noise, the next step should be closing the churches in the estates because why should people worship with a lot of noise? Can’t people worship in silence?'” the clergyman said.

“I could see how the hypocrites were castigating him… no you are thinking like a pagan, atheist… but the guy had a point. Today, churches are noisier than pubs, that is the truth. Our churches have more noise than drinking pubs. That tells you we have a problem,” he added.


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Last week, Governor Sakaja revoked all licenses of nightclubs and liquor stores within residential areas, saying no other licenses would be issued or renewed for operators of such businesses in the city’s estates.

Governor Sakaja has now escalated his war on noisy nightclubs in Nairobi by cancelling the licenses of eight entertainment joints for contravening his directives.

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The eight nightclubs whose licenses have been revoked are 1824, Club 909, CK Club, Xbillionaires Club, Oyster Bay, Edu’s Bar, Pit Stop and Claret Lounge.

On Monday, Governor Sakaja got the backing of President William Ruto in his efforts to control noise from nightclubs.

Speaking at Tatu City Special Economic Zone during the official opening of the Twiga Food distribution centre on Monday, the President assured Governor Sakaja of his government’s full support. The President further urged the governor to protect children from noise.

“Governor Sakaja, please keep the noise away from our children. You have our support,” President Ruto said.

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