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WATCH: Census enumerator impresses Kenyans with his creative skills

An enumerator has impressed Kenyan’s with his enthusiasm and vibrant charisma, while out and about to prepare for tonight’s census exercise.

The unidentified man is captured on video jovially jumping up and down while children cheer him on.

The four children also rhythmically jump up and down as they repeatedly chant, “Watu ya census.” The enumerator then moves closer to the children to continue with the dance.

The man in the video appears to excite Kenyans on Twitter as they gave their opinion on how the man should be feted for a good job.

“This guy apewe HSC,” tweeted @DaviesKinanga.

“Huyu anaeza kua kindergarten teacher mzuri sana,” said @KingKwemoi.

“Gai kwenu washafika?” asked @Greggzlll.

“This what l like seeing, happy people happy nation,” wrote @MikeKaranu.

“Alafu Kuna mwingine alipeana tab yake kama collateral kwa local,” commented @nickkiriiya.

On Friday enumerators were already on the ground to kick off the exercise with pre-listing a head of the exercise.

The process is expected to officially start tonight at 5pm.