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WATCH: City robber using master key to steal from car – VIDEOS

A man was on Tuesday evening caught on tape using a master key to get access into a parked car and steal a laptop and handbag.

The incident, reported to have occurred at Kikuyu town, was captured by a CCTV camera mounted on a building near where the car was parked.

A female driver had just parked the car, when the man is seen approaching it while talking on phone.

He quickly inspects the car’s interior, before moving to the driver’s door. He uses a master key to open the door, then walks past the vehicle as the alarm lights go off.

After some minutes, he returns and stands on the pavement for a while before opening the driver’s door and unlocking the back door.

He grabs a laptop bag and closes the door as he walks past the vehicle.

The man returns again after a short while, opens the back door before grabbing a handbag and walking away.

The owner of the vehicle is said to have reported the incident to the police and the footage is being used to assist in identifying the suspect.