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WATCH: DCI boss Kinoti ’embarrassed at Kona Mbaya police station’

Have you ever been to a police station to make an official report or do a complaint?

If yes, how were you treated?

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti recently played the role of an actor in the popular comedy show Inspekta Mwala, in which he posed as a citizen seeking service at Kona Mbaya police station.

The show has aired on Citizen TV for the past decade and a half.

But then, Kinoti was belittled by an ‘officer’ namely Abdi, real name Ratib Mohammed, who did not immediately recognize him.

The police boss’s experience is said to resemble what happens to many other Kenyans seeking services at a police station in real life.

The police are responsible for enforcing the law, ensuring there is public order and that citizens are safe.

When you are robbed, carjacked, or even when your neighbour insults you, the first port of call should be the police station nearest to the scene of crime.

And DCI in a statement said the move by Kinoti highlights a bid to encourage members of the public to report crimes happening within their areas for action, they have been partnering with various partners, institutions, and foreign missions to bring services closer to the people “whom we serve”.

This strategy is aimed at winning the trust and confidence of members of the public through the provision of people-centered policing services.

“Our partnership led to the introduction of a ‘DCI office’ in the program to ensure that the program’s creative strategy is improved to include more investigative productions. Moving forward, the DCI will be providing the material that is relevant for public information to the producer of the production, for dissemination to the public through drama,” DCI said.

The Inspector-General of Police is responsible for ensuring that all police officers are trained sufficiently and making sure the reporting process is accommodating for the victim.