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WATCH: Diana Marua hits out at Andrew Kibe in new song

Diana Marua aka Diana B has bashed out self-proclaimed ‘boychild’ advocate Andew Kibe in his ‘Soko’ new hit.

The mother of three, in the video, is dressed in a royal white dazzling short dress where she is heard saying that the Kenyan content creator will be buried in the slums because of his bad attitude.

“Andrew Kibe wewe unatusi watu na wewe ni maskini… utakufa ghetto… utazikwa ghetto… (Andrew Kibe you are a poor man who keeps on abusing people…. when you die you will be buried in the ghetto,” she sings.

She also reveals that soon no one will notice that she delivered her thirdborn.

“Form ni kuoga na kurudi soko. Hata mimi very soon hamtajua nilizaa… nimeoga na kurudi soko….”

The beef between Diana Marua and Andre Kibe started after Diana suggested the media personality is a broke chap.

“Andrew Kibe, why do you like to insult me? The way you are poor. Just discovered that without mentioning Diana B! This man will have no career! Issorait,” Diana posted in her social.

However, Kibe has been defending himself saying he does not care what Diana thinks of him.

He also shared a video bashing Diana stating that her intentions were to use his name to get his attention. Kibe called Diana all sorts of names as he aired his views on the matter.

“So Diana went out there and she is trying to get my attention that I’m broke. It doesn’t matter. Whether you have money or not, as long as you are content,” said Kibe.

Kibe continued that he doesn’t care about anything, including what she thinks about him.

“Have you ever seen a mentally ill person? The person is usually not stressed because he/she doesn’t have bills to pay and doesn’t care about combing the hair or any other thing. So you want me to start caring about things? I have reduced my care to zero,” Kibe explained.

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