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WATCH: Did Jayne Kihara vote for herself twice in the UDA Primaries?

The credibility of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) primaries has been brought to question after a video appearing to show Naivasha lawmaker Jayne Kihara voting twice in the same ballot box went viral on social media.

In the clip, Kihara is seen carrying a number of ballot papers before putting two of the them in the same box in succession.

The Kenyan law indicates a voter can only vote for one candidate per seat.

Incidentally, Kihara controversially won the election by a single vote after losing in the initial count but was then declared winner by the party’s appeals board.


UDA party Elections Disputes Resolution Committee on Monday found that the legislator garnered 9,904 votes with her rival Mr John Kihangi, who had earlier been declared the winner having 9,903 votes.

The committee found out that the tally announced on April 14 had excluded results from Maua Primary School and Milimani Secondary School polling stations where Ms Kihara had garnered 57 and 23 votes respectively while her rival got 35 and 16 votes respectively.

Earlier on, Kihara had cited voter intimidation and threats that led to the suspension of the nomination process.

She also claimed the presiding officers at a number of polling stations colluded with her opponent for purposes of giving him undue advantage.

The veteran MP joined active politics in 2003 and succeeded her late husband Paul Kihara as the Naivasha MP.

She was elbowed out of politics in 2007 but made a big comeback in 2017 after 10 years in political cold.