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Watch: Embarambamba releases ‘distasteful’ dirge to mourn Magoha

Popular Kisii musician Embarambamba has released a somewhat ridiculous and distasteful dirge to mourn the departed former Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha.

The 2-minute video clip captures Embarambamba seated on a slab on top of an open well.

Dressed a shredded blue polka dot suit, the comical artiste keeps chanting a rhyme and mumbling words as he looks down into the well as if speaking to someone.

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These are the latest antics of the controversial artiste, whose real name is Christopher Mosioma. He is famous for his mismatched suits with bright colours and sometimes with intriguing patterns.

Other than his unconventional dress-code, Embarambamba is known for courting controversy with his bizarre antics, including rolling in mud and jumping on people and trees, exposing himself and others to the risk of getting injured.

And despite some citizens and leaders criticising him for going overboard with his dance styles and the language in his songs, Embarambamba is on record for saying his bizarre dances and the lyrics are meant to appeal to more fans.

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“I have seen people criticising me, saying my songs are shameful and immoral. They say my songs are not gospel and that they go against the tenets of Christianity. You know people do not understand songs,” Embarambamba told the Sunday Nation early this month.

However, this is not the first time the controversial singer is mourning a fallen leader.

When President Kibaki died, Embarambamba made a video that captured him dipping himself in a puddle of mud before climbing trees while paying tribute to Kibaki, who passed away at the age of 90 years.

In the clip he keeps questioning death why it had to take away the former head of state.

Prof Magoha, 71, died suddenly on Tuesday, January 25, 2023, after suffering a cardiac arrest. President William Ruto, former President Uhuru Kenyatta and Azimio leader Raila Odinga have led Kenyans in mourning Mr Magoha.

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