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WATCH: Emotional celebration as Jacque Maribe acquitted in Monica Kimani murder case

Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu is staring at a long spell behind days after a court found him guilty of murdering businesswoman Monica Kimani in Nairobi in 2018.

Media personality Jacque Maribe, his former lover, has on the other hand been cleared of the offence of murdering the businesswoman.

The ruling came from Justice Grace Nzioka of the Milimani Law Courts on February, 9, 2023, citing lack of evidence as the basis for Maribe’s acquittal.

Maribe, who was the second accused in the case that has spanned over five years, breathed a sigh of relief as the court exonerated her from the grave accusations.

Justice Grace Nzioka delivered a damning verdict against Jowie, stating that he had stolen Monica’s ID, armed himself with a gun, donned a traditional kanzu garment to conceal his identity, and gained access to Monica’s apartment, where he committed the heinous act.

“All this evidence leaves a strong conclusion that Irungu murdered Monica Kimani,” declared Justice Nzioka.

According to the judge, Jowie had meticulously planned the crime, stealing Monica’s ID two days prior, altering his appearance with the kanzu, and subsequently disposing of the incriminating evidence by burning the clothes he wore during the offense.

Maribe’s family and close friends, among them Dennis Itumbi, the ICT Chief Administrative Secretary, were present at the Milimani court to witness the much-anticipated verdict.

In a heartwarming moment captured on video, Maribe embraced her parents in jubilation, celebrating the hard-fought victory.



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Itumbi, who had staunchly supported Maribe throughout the trial, took to his social media platforms to express his elation at her acquittal.

“Jacque Maribe is FREE! Maribe DID NOT kill Monica,” proclaimed Itumbi in his heartfelt message, casting blame on what he described as a “rogue” Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss named George Kinoti, who he alleged had manipulated the case for sensational headlines.

As Maribe rejoices in her newfound freedom, Itumbi urged her to rise from the ashes like a phoenix, undeterred by the injustices she endured.

He emphasized the need for accountability for those who had wronged her, while also extending condolences to Monica’s family.

“Jacque Maribe, like a phoenix, now you have only one duty, rise from the ashes, for time may be lost, but not the essence of your being.

As your friends, our collective hands extend to hold you as you take the next steps.
My good friend, Welcome back to the embrace of freedom.
Let the record reflect that you have always been INNOCENT. The system failed you and the rogue people who added you in this case just for headlines and creation of a circus should answer and you must not let them walk out of the mess without questions.
I have no regrets that I stood by you. To Monica’s family, beyond Justice, may Comfort fill your hearts.”

With the weight of unfounded accusations lifted from her shoulders, Jacque Maribe stands ready to reclaim her life and rebuild her reputation.

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