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WATCH: Fallen Ugandan military officer’s last wish

The family of a top Ugandan military officer who died last week says he spent his last days at a Nairobi hospital asking for forgiveness from anyone he had wronged.

Elly Tumwine, a top Ugandan military officer, died at the Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi where he was receiving treatment for lung cancer.

The deceased, 68, is famous for warning Ugandans on live TV that police will shoot and kill them if they dared come out to the streets to protest the 2021 election results that propelled President Yoweri Museveni to power for a sixth term.

Speaking at his father’s vigil in Kampala, Tumwine’s daughter explained he had made peace with himself while on his deathbed at the Aga Khan hospital in Nairobi.

“When we were praying for him, one of the things that we were convicted about was to seek forgiveness on his behalf. So to ask God to forgive him on everything that he did knowingly or unknowingly that was wrong and just seek forgiveness so that he is on a clean slate.”

“So if he can forgive a mosquito how much more a human being?”

Tumwine was dropped as security minister after the riots in 2021 and opined that Museveni should start planning a peaceful transfer of power.

He is known to have been key in the Bush war that propelled Museveni to power in 1986, a fight that left him without an eye.

He’s donned dark spectacles in public since.

Also, a musician, Tumwine’s death has been received with mixed reactions with a section indicating he had to fly to Kenya for treatment because of the poor state of health care in Uganda.