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WATCH: Fox TV presenter lies about Kenyan woman

A female television presenter in the USA has caused a stir on social media for falsely suggesting that pregnant women in Kenya are not allowed to vote.

Emily Compagno, a co-host on Fox TV, made this claim in one of her shows while contributing to a topic on woman’s voting rights.

“What about in Kenya where pregnant women can’t leave the house so they have absolutely no constructive right to vote,” she opined.

This statement, is however false, as pregnant women in Kenya are not only allowed to move in public but also cast their vote.

Compagno’s false statement caused an uproar on social media.

Silas Bwire asks her to stop belittling Kenyan women.

Dennis Mosota noted that pregnant women in Kenya are even offered special privileges on election day including moving ahead of the queue.

The Fox News Channel, commonly known as Fox News, is an American multinational cable news television channel based in New York City and known to have a global audience.

Besides co-hosting the show, Compagno is an American attorney and a former National Football League cheerleader.