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Watch: Having my child at 32 years made me paranoid – Justina Wamae

By Winnie Onyando December 15th, 2022 3 min read

Former Roots Party Deputy Presidential candidate Justina Wamae has revealed that motherhood to her has been a very humbling journey.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News reporter Winnie Onyando, Wamae said that she used to be very perfect and cautious before getting her first child.

“I got my daughter when I was almost turning 32. I was very cautious with her. But through it all, she has taught me much. Motherhood has taught me a lot. I have learnt to be more accommodative and loving,” said Wamae.

Talking about taking her daughter to school for an interview, she said that one of the ladies who were attending to her inquired if she had other children in the same school.

“Most of them did not recognize me. But they later came to realize that I was the former Roots Party Deputy Presidential candidate. I am now more visible,” said Wamae.

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Being a perfectionist, Wamae said it was difficult to cope with her playful daughter.

“I used to be a perfectionist. I loved finding my staff in the same spot I placed them. My daughter has taught me character development. Even when I wash the house, she will still play around and disarrange everything,” she told Nairobi News.

“Her coming into my life has humbled me and taught me to be very generous. I can now say that I am selfless. It’s a wonderful experience,” added Wamae.

After getting back home from work, she says she plays with her daughter.

“When I get back, I play with her and make her feel motherly love,” she noted.

However, she says that she always force-feeds her daughter because she does not like eating.

“She is a poor feeder. So most of the time I force-feed her,” she narrated.

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She said she is hoping to have other kids before 2027.

Talking about keeping her family private, she said that all she wants is for her daughter to make her own decisions.

“I don’t want my daughter to go to a place where she gets ill-treated because of me. I want her to make her own decisions,” narrated Wamae.

She claimed that she held her family in the highest regard and that she was unprepared for the social media sleuthing of Kenyans.

According to her, family is sacred and should be kept private. She believes that there is no need for one to expose their family as this might cause ‘harm’ to them.

“Family for me is sacred and with the way Kenyans bash people, I prefer them to know I am married, we are in the same business, and I have a 3-year-old, but all the other details let it stay under the waters.”

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Wamae also revealed that they take two hours every morning to bond with their loving husband.

“I am rearing sheep and after we have taken breakfast, my husband and I graze the sheep in our compound together. We take this time to bond and talk about our issues,” explained Wamae.

She recalled that her husband was very supportive as she emphasized the importance of involving one’s partner in decision-making.

Talking about her weight, Wamae revealed that she is trying to lose weight right now and that has made her tamper with her feeding habits.

“I am taking two meals right now because I am trying to lose weight. I eat breakfast and supper,” said Wamae.

Just like any other person, after a long working day, Wamae retires to bed at exactly 8 pm.

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