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Watch: Homabay Chaplain known for his viral prayers to debut them on social media

Pastor Raphael Obego, the Homa Bay County chaplain whose videos have been widely circulated online for using jargon during prayer, is contemplating on opening social media accounts where some of his videos can be available.

The clergy is thinking about having a platform where his videos can be accessed.

Besides prayer, he engages in other biblical teachings. Some of his activities include student mentorship.

He said having a social media platform will allow him to share the word of God with more people.

Mr Obego is mostly known for prayers.

This is because of some of his videos that have been shared on different social media platforms.

Most of them are however used for fun by different people.

“Having a site where anyone can access the messages at any time would be perfect. I am yet to open a social media account,” Pastor Obego said.

He first came to the limelight in February when he prayed before President William Ruto who was attending the second county International Investment Conference.

The prayer left the president, Council of Governors Chairperson Anne Waiguru, Governor Gladys Wanga and other guests in laughter.

Mr Obego said he only learnt about what happened when his friends were sharing his videos.

Last Friday, during the launch of KCB Tujiajiri Fundi Mang’ula scholarship programme at Sero Technical and Vocational Training Institute, the clergy was offered an opportunity to pray.

Just like everyone had expected, he used jargon.

According to Mr Obego, just like the other prayer, his latest prayer was guided by the Holy spirit.

“I have been called by many people who are telling me about the prayers. It was guided by the Holy Spirit,” he said.

He repeated some words he had previously used.

However, what stood out was “I pray for a very pacific moment. A moment of camaraderie” which the clergy explained that he was praying that the meeting be peaceful.

He also prayed for matriculants at the event which was basically students enrolled at various technical training institutions.

Pastor Obego also used the term sagacious spirit which in simple terms means divine spirit.

He finished his prayer by using the word circumambulation which is an act of worship.

At the end of his prayer, the crowd in the background cheered as the clergy left the stage to imply that they were pleased with the prayer.

Pastor Obego said whoever is entrusted with a duty must do it perfectly.

“Strive to ensure you leave a legacy. Always be remembered when you leave an institution,” he said.

He said everything he does is guided by the Bible.

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