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Watch: How TikToker Wilson Muchemi got his big break

Kenyan TikToker Wilson Muchemi continues to amass followers on the social media platform, currently standing at 45,500 followers who have garnered him over 1.5 million likes for his TikTok content.

He describes himself as a passionate and enthusiastic digital content creator for social media platforms.

He is also an employee of Capital FM and a first-year campus student studying Information Technology (IT).

“I love IT but I love media more. I’m doing IT now because it is the in thing…you know, computers, technology- everything is coming up so it would be better for me to know media and at the same time, when I need to get my own thing, like start my own company, make my own Apps like Uber or anything, I have the resources for that.

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Mr Maina revealed that nothing, in particular, drove him to begin content creation. He had been at home for a while after sitting his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education final national examinations and as he waited for the exam results to be released, he noticed that his cousin was very active on TikTok and this was where he was roped into content creation.

“My cousin was all about ‘Yoh, why don’t you join TikTok and do dances with me?’ He’s my little cousin and I was like ‘let me try it out’. I’d just gotten my new phone so I was like, ‘ok, let’s give this a try’. I dropped my first video and got like 700 views and I was shocked.

I was like, ‘ok this is the place’ because I had tried before while I was in high school to shoot videos on Instagram and it was getting like 50 views. So for me, seeing 700 views I was in another world. I said I’m keeping on with this,” began Mr Wilson Muchemi Maina.

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His big break came when he did a video where he filmed his interaction with his grandmother and the video garnered 300,000 views. It was then that Mr Maina realized that he could make it as a social media content creator.

“I was happy. I can’t even explain. I was running around the house, jumping everywhere shouting I had gotten to 100k. I then decided to do the next video and it went down to about 10k views. I realized that this thing (TikTok) has mechanics of how it works. Not every video will hit but I was very happy,” added Mr Muchemi.

Today, a scroll through his TikTok account reveals that on some videos, he garners about 500,000 views, on others 15,900 and on some, 74k views.

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