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WATCH: Kenyan women assaulted in racist attack by Lebanese official

A video of Kenyans women being assaulted by an army official near Beirut in Lebanon, has been shared online.

In the video, the two women sitting on the ground receive blows and kicks from the well-built man. Moments later, other members of the public join in to beat up the women.

According to Middle East Eye, the two women were arrested and their assaulter an army official let go by the police who arrived at the scene.

The publication added that later the women filed complaints of assault and battery.

Lebanese Minister for Justice Salim Jean Jreissati condemned the “racist” incident and called on the security services to “settle the resident status” of both women.


The army official who assaulted the two women has since been arrested for questioning and is set to appear before a military court.

Lebanon’s Daily Star publication on Friday said the army had issued a statement regarding the matter just after the Minister’s directive.

The incident, which the army said took place in Burj Hammoud on June 17, was as a result of the two women attacking the army member.

“The two women who were drunk assaulted an rrmy member who was with his wife, and hit him with a bottle on his head,” the statement said. “This prompted one of the civilians [present at the scene] to interfere and hit the two women.”

The army added that the relevant security agencies are investigating the matter, announcing that the civilian who intervened and attacked the women was detained by Military Police.