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Watch Kenyans looting soda from an overturned Coca Cola truck

Somewhere in a village along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway, dinner tables are going to be decorated with an assortment of beverages thanks to soft drink giant Coca Cola.

This is after on Wednesday a truck transporting soft drinks from the Coca Cola Company overturned by the roadside, on the busy highway.

A video shared online by a motorist capture hundreds of crates with bottled soda spilt on the ground.

Members of the public are seen scrambling for an opportunity to grab the sodas from the truck and running off with the loot.

“Maze hii Kenya ni hatari, currently this is what is happening. I am on my way from Nairobi to Mombasa but unfortunately the Coca Cola lorry has had an accident, and you can see what is happening with Kenyans rushing and picking soda and running away. Wakenya wamekuwa crazy,” said the man recording the incident narrates.

The video shared on social media as expected aroused mixed feelings from Kenyans on Twitter.

“Hope now our president understands why we are broke,” said @denzelshady.

“Wacha wakunywe hii… Calories za ufisadi zimetuchosha!” wrote @MassaweJapanni.

“Huku ni wapi nikuje na mkate?” asked @Obi_kenya.

“What do you expect na wananji wako njaa,” commented @itsArapkirui.

“Ya mikate pia ianguke hapo ikuwe parte,” said @kentirop86.

“Gari ya unga wa sima mbona hazipati ajali Bungoma? Ama za pasta pale Garisa?” asked @FauzKhalid.