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Watch: Khalighraph’s Chocha song mocks Kenyans who voted for Ruto

By Winnie Mabel January 24th, 2024 2 min read

The O.G himself, King Khaligraph Jones, has come for President William Ruto’s supporters and fan base, stepping on their necks as he mocks them for lamenting about how difficult life is for them after voting in someone who promised them heaven on earth during the campaign season.

These campaign promises have yet to be fulfilled, and the opposite continues to be done.

In his latest banger, Chocha, released a few days ago, Khali raps about how people tend to upsell themselves as better versions of themselves to look good in front of others, in Swahili slang, kujichocha.

“Ukijibizana mtaa itakudhuru, ukijibishana wanakutax ushuru. Mlibanja sana hamtaki Uhuru, sahii imebamba sana wapi nduru, yeah. Hatuendi maandamano, Baba maintain kanyo kanyo. Mr President ongeza miaka tano na nyi wa Kenya lazima mkuwe na msimamo,” raps King Khali.

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Loosely translated, he raps mocking Kenyan voters who voted in President Ruto despite being warned by former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kenyatta also opted to back opposition leader Raila Odinga, fondly referred to as Baba by his supporters. In the same verse, Khali raps about how no matter how much people complain, they continue to face new taxation by Ruto, and he tells Raila to stay back and do nothing even as his detractors call on him to lead antigovernmental demonstrations again.


Since voting for President Ruto, the cost of living has risen to meteoric levels. Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza government have been introducing new taxes and increasing existing ones, some by more than 100%, in efforts to fund government operations.

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This has seen Kenyans cut back on their spending as goods and services, including food, fuel, and electricity, are too expensive to afford, and government services are now being charged in place of where they used to be free.

Those who voted for Raila in the contested presidential election are also among those who mock those who voted in the government of the day, reminding them that they voted in order to ‘send Raila to Bondo’ as President Ruto and his allies often called for and now they are suffering together with other Kenyans after allegedly thinking the government would specifically care about them.

Nairobi News samples some reactions to King Khali’s latest song below:

“Visuals on point, great sound, powerful lyrics,” said The Sound President.

“I don’t understand all of the lyrics but I think it’s genius that you did a bold song and made it into something very clever and entertaining. Well done!” added Marc Forde.

The song is currently trending at number two on YouTube, with over 344,000 views since its premiere on January 18, 2024.