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WATCH: Kilimani ‘Spider-man’ thief who scales floors to break into houses

February 18th, 2019 1 min read

A burglar has been filmed scaling walls in Kilimani apartments and stealing electronics, money and jewelry.

The man, who residents have nicknamed Spider-Man, had been mysterious until he was caught on CCTV in one of the apartments.

Spider-Man gains entry into apartments by scaling the concrete security walls then advances from floor to floor using the stair rails.

The man in one of the CCTV footage can be seen examining a wall before he climbs up by standing on the rail and holding onto the beam.

A resident who spoke to Citizen TV narrated how she woke up one morning to find her jewelry and laptop gone.


It was until the CCTV footage in the apartments was reviewed that the management got to know about the burglar.

A manager in one of the affected apartments told Capital News that one resident who lost a safe full of cash had accused her house help of stealing.

“She kept on insisting she was innocent even while at the police station. We decided to retrieve the CCTV footage only to see this man climbs floor after a floor like Spider-Man,” the manager said.

Police are now hunting for the Spider-Man.

Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri says security patrols in the area have been increased adding; “it’s going to be only a matter of time before we catch up with this young man.”

The officers are also investigating if he collaborates with apartment guards during his burglary incidents.