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Watch Louis Otieno’s impressive recovery from hearing loss after surgery

By EVELYNE MUSAMBI September 24th, 2018 2 min read

Former news anchor Louis Otieno has recovered his hearing ability after two years of being deaf.

Louis underwent surgery in June at Nairobi Hospital where he was fitted with a cochlear implant, a device that provides a sense of sound to a person with severe hearing loss.

He has now significantly recovered his hearing ability after months of rehabilitation.

In an interview on KTN, Louis thanked Kenyans who donated money for the surgery.

“Its been a very deep journey. I thank God first of all, coz I’m here by his grace. I thank my family that remained supportive, I’ve had very special friends and special doctors…more importantly I want to thank Kenyans because I came to them and asked for help and people came and people have prayed for me and they’ve sent their support and I’m very grateful for this wherever you may be hearing me from thank you for putting me back where I am,” he said.


Louis can now hold a conversation with his daughter and son who initially had to adopt sign language to update their father on their life progress.

“I can actually be part of the conversation, you realise for two and a half years I’ve been left out not because they want to leave me out but because its difficult to have a conversation when everything has to be on paper. So now I’m at a stage where my daughter, son and my wife and come up to me and they can say things to me and I can respond. Its just amazing to hear them,” he said.

Louis is now going through basic exercises to discern speech with some of the sounds still difficult for him to hear.