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Watch: MC Gogo opens up on fame and women in Nairobi’s nightlife scene

By Sinda Matiko February 6th, 2023 3 min read

“If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are.” America’s first lady of talk shows, Oprah Winfrey, once cautioned.

Since bursting to fame, sensational TikTok hype man Franklin Mark Gogo, alias MC Gogo, has been striving to abide by Winfrey’s advice, but that hasn’t been easy, with his main challenge being women.

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The 25-year-old Counselling and Sociology undergraduate student at Kenyatta University has risen to fame thanks to his talent as a voice artiste.

He has been wooing the masses with his deep voice and skill in packaging humour garnished with a little bit of relatable hard truth, which he beautifully delivers between a Deejay’s set.

TikTok star MC Gogo.
TikTok star MC Gogo. PHOTO| COURTESY

Now with every Deejay wanting to work with him and nightclubs fighting to have him as a host, ladies are also craving his attention, including his ex.

“Women are crazy especially in Nairobi. Ladies do bother me in some weird ways. I am not sure if that’s what they call crushing, but you find a lady is too obsessed with you that can’t even comprehend.” He revealed.

MC Gogo gives an account of an incident he was hosting an event at a nightclub in Nairobi that had him on the walls.

“I remember this lady was just gawking at me like a zombie without even fidget or blinking. It was so uncomfortable and for a moment I almost lost my focus.” He narrates.

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Another, he says, tried soiling his current relationship.

“This particular one approached my girlfriend and asking her how well does she know me. I knew the lady but we were not even close, she was just trying to cause tension between us and so I had to end my friendship with her because clearly she was up to something.”

TikTok star MC Gogo.
TikTok star MC Gogo. PHOTO| COURTESY

Then there is his ex-girlfriend, who once called him out of the blues.

“Several clips of mine had gone viral and I guess she was telling her friends that she knows me and no one would believe her. So she texted asking me to call her just to prove them wrong. Well, I did and we have remained good friends.”

Despite all the ladies’ craze, MC Gogo heaps of praise to his girlfriend of over one year.

“She understands what I do, she understands what she signed up for so she is able to handle all the unnecessarily pressure because we know what we got.”

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To deal with the ladies’ fuss, MC Gogo says he has set boundaries for himself.

“I am a talkative bubbly guy, I will talk to anyone, I don’t need to know you to talk to you. Sometimes this makes ladies think you are easily accessible and because of that I know what my boundaries are.”

TikTok star MC Gogo.
TikTok star MC Gogo. PHOTO| COURTESY

MC Gogo also weighed in on his recent viral skit where he mocks how girlfriends cheat on their boyfriends with men they claim to be their friends or brothers.

“Unaona ule jamaa manzi yako hukuambia ni bestie tu, huyu ni bro tu, aki babe ni bro, wakipatana ta, ta, ta.” MC Gogo hypes to the hit song ‘Ta, Ta, Ta’ by Bayani on the skit.

“It happens a lot in this city, people don’t play but I know there are a few who stick to true to themselves.”

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