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Watch: Miguna shuts down a journalist at airport

Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna on Thursday, October 20, shut down a journalist who had asked him a question upon arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The journalist had asked, “Miguna Miguna will you take any position in the government if he offered?”

He responded, “That is an irrelevant question at this time.”

Even before he could refresh himself after the long-haul flight, Miguna had the energy to clap back on command.

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Watch that interaction below.

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Surrounded by journalists and his supporters, Miguna, who had been in exile since 2018, jetted back into the country at around 6:20 am on Thursday, Mashujaa day.

Upon arrival and while expressing himself, the Canadian cum Kenyan lawyer said he would never want anyone to go through what he went through, saying, “I must extend my gratitude to Kenyans that voted overwhelmingly for the Kenya Kwanza government because that is central for me.”

Adding, “Without this administration, I would not be back home. I am thanking his excellency, the President, the deputy and his administration, and everybody else who has worked tirelessly to make sure that my rights are protected and the rights of every other Kenyan.”

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After an interview session, Dr. Miguna made his way to Uhuru Gardens, where he received an invitation from President Ruto, who was presiding over the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Saying that he was happy to be breathing Kenyan air finally.

Miguna shared, “I’m feeling exhilarated. I can at least now smell the freshness of Kenyan oxygen and freedom. This is what we wanted, and this is what we got.”

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Exactly 1716 days since he was deported, Dr. Miguna, exiled following his role in the swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga as the people’s president, was charged with treason-related offenses.

Despite several court orders issued to facilitate his return, his attempts to return to Kenya bore no fruit.

Among the key arguments used by the State to exile Miguna was that he had obtained Kenyan and, later on, Canadian citizenship at a time when Kenya did not support that type of citizenship.

However, Miguna had gone to Canada to seek asylum from the oppressive Kanu regime led by President Daniel Moi.

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