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Watch moment Eastmatt supermarket supervisor brutalises cashier

By Elvis Ondieki November 23rd, 2019 1 min read

Supermarket chain Eastmatt has admitted that their employee assaulted a cashier at their outlet in Kajiado earlier this week, announcing that he has been suspended.

In a statement issued on Saturday in response to a viral video believed to be from internal CCTV footage, Eastmatt castigated the employee without naming him. In the video, he appears to have been playing a supervisory role over the cashier he assaulted before other people in the supermarket intervened.

“We as Eastmatt condemn and do not stand for such heinous acts of disrespect against any of our staff and more so women,” the statement read.

“The individual in question acted solely and has been suspended with a report officially being filed with the Kajiado County police (who) are handling the matter accordingly,” it added.


Eastmatt also said that the female cashier has been receiving treatment.

“We urge the public and all our customers to keep calm as the law takes its course,” the statement noted.

The video, captured on Tuesday afternoon, shows a male employee of the supermarket arguing with a cashier, who is counting cash apparently to hand to a customer.

But before the cashier could finish counting, he begins his onslaught with a slap on the left cheek before he goes on full assault mode, attacking the woman who taciturnly takes the beatings, making feeble attempts at shielding herself against his rain of blows.

Things escalate quickly and it threatens to be a bloody beating but luckily for the woman, other people in the supermarket restrain the assailant.

The video had drawn sharp reactions from social media users, who demanded the arrest and prosecution of the high-handed man.

In their statement, Eastmatt also noted that it is committed “towards a cohesive and conducive environment for all our staff members”.