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Watch moment man loses Sh150k in daylight robbery in Nairobi – VIDEO

A man who had withdrawn money from a local bank on Thursday lost it all in a well-orchestrated robbery that was captured on surveillance cameras.

The victim, Athanus Muema, went to NIC bank and withdrew Sh250,000 to buy some construction materials in Nairobi’s industrial area.

Unknown to him, there were people trailing him.

He entered at a gated business premise in Enterprise Road, parked his car and went into a shop.


Just as he was parking his car, another car rolled in and parked next to his.

As soon as he had left, an occupant of the other car broke into his from the driver’s side and took part of the money that he had left inside his car.

CCTV footage from the event shows a woman, believed to have been part of the gang, following Mr Muema to allegedly monitor him as her accomplices break into the car.

According to the guard at the gate, the suspects in the second car had told him that they were together.

The matter has since been reported at the Industrial Area police station.