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Watch moment Sonko screams in pain while being handcuffed

A video capturing the moment when Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is heard screaming loudly in pain while being handcuffed has surfaced online.

In the clip captured at Ikanga airstrip, Sonko is surrounded by police officers who then proceed to handcuff him after his arrest in Voi.

The governor willingly complies but a few minutes as the officers try to secure the handcuffs on his hands he suddenly lets out a sharp scream in pain as he protest at how tight they were.

This leads to a commotion as he violently pushes away the police officers surrounding as they attempt to calm him down as the incensed governor hurls insult at one of the officers.

Events then quickly degenerate into a scuffle as the officer responds with a kick directed at the governor but fails to connect before other cops intervene to stop the situation from getting out of hand.

Watch the video below.