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WATCH: ‘Naughty’, Karen Nyamu spotted twerking at Samidoh’s Australian show

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 10th, 2023 2 min read

A recent TikTok video of nominated senator, Karen Nyamu showing off her dance moves at one of Samidoh’s events in Sydney, Australia has ignited a buzz among fans and social media enthusiasts.

In the viral video, Mugiithi sensation Samidoh is seen grooving to the beats of Wasubu’s hit song “Bakuri Bakuri,” a track that playfully celebrates the allure of Nairobi’s beautiful women.

The song also humorously references men falling head over heels for Nairobi women, in part due to their striking figures.

Karen Nyamu, known for her energetic and vibrant personality, enthusiastically twerked to the catchy tune, her infectious smile captivating the audience.

The video quickly gained traction on TikTok, with fans showering her with applause for her lively performance.


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This isn’t the first time Karen Nyamu has caused a stir at one of Samidoh’s concerts.

In a memorable incident during Samidoh’s Mugiithi show in Dubai on December 16, 2022, tensions reportedly flared between Karen Nyamu and Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s wife and mother of his children, when they crossed paths at the event.

Addressing the Dubai altercation, Karen Nyamu expressed no regrets and assured the public that it was a one-time occurrence.

In a separate interview, DJ Saint, who is Karen Nyamu’s first baby daddy, shared insights into their past relationship.

He revealed that at one point during their dating life, he had discouraged Karen from attending his events due to potential conflicts.

According to DJ Saint, Karen’s presence at his shows sometimes led to misunderstandings, given the nature of his profession, where he frequently interacts with female fans.

He explained that even innocent interactions with female fans on stage could be misinterpreted and result in unnecessary drama.

“Being a DJ means one is constantly interacting with women. A female fan may come on stage and peck you as she makes a request, and she might take it the wrong way.

Even if she doesn’t cause drama at the event, it can lead to issues later,” DJ Saint shared during a radio interview.

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