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Watch out! 6 careers that are more ‘predisposed’ to infidelity

Cheating refers to participating in deceitful or dishonest behavior in a situation where trust and faithfulness are expected. In the setting of relationships, cheating typically involves breaking mutually agreed-upon boundaries of exclusivity, trust and loyalty with a partner.

Unfaithfulness can manifest in emotional infidelity where someone forms an intimate emotional connection with someone outside their relationship, physical infidelity where sexual activities take place with another person, online infidelity where someone engages in flirty conversations before it crosses over into emotional and physical cheating and flirting with others and hiding the interactions from one’s partner.

As we live in an era where people either work to live or live to work, it is safe to say that everyone is looking for money to sustain their lives. These careers sometimes have people working up to 12 hours a day, some overnight, some half days, others working away from home or from home; and others require relocation to carry out their duties. Sometimes, this relocation can require just the employee to move and not their partner or family.

Certain jobs that involve a lot of travel, long hours or social interactions with others might be associated with a higher risk of infidelity. Some of the professions where cheating on a partner is highly likely to happen include:

  1. Entertainment industry careers – You can imagine musicians, actors and deejays surrounded by overzealous groupies and have busy schedules to keep. One of the easiest ways for these people to de-stress is partying and if the alcohol limit is surpassed, infidelity is likely to take place.
  2. Sales industry – If an employee is required to travel extensively to push product, this time away from a partner or family gives them the freedom to do as they please and if these people lack boundaries, infidelity is likely to take place.
  3. Law enforcers – These officers tend to have long working hours and high stress environments. Couple that with if they are transferred to far flung areas away from their partners and families, then cheating is easier to happen when no immediate consequences exist.
  4. Hospitality industry – People working in hotels, restaurants and bars might be exposed to social situations where infidelity can occur. It is not news when hotel guests solicit staff within the confines of the building and infidelity takes place.
  5. Healthcare professions – Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers may face long hours and high-stress situations that could potentially impact their personal relationships. Having to work long hours with the same faces day in, day out; having colleagues getting too comfortable with each other also creates the perfect environment for feelings to be caught and infidelity to take place.
  6. Media industry – Just like law enforcement and entertainment industries, journalists too have high stress environments and frequent social interactions with thousands of people a year. Arranging meetings for exclusive news, constantly travelling and being relocated to new work stations also set the foundation for infidelity to take place if there are no personal values and morals in place.

So if you are talking to or hoping to settle down with a partner in either of the aforementioned industries, you might want to spend a little bit more time evaluating their personal principles and morals before blindly committing because…love.

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