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Watch: Pastor Ezekiel’s supporters hold prayers, sing outside Shanzu Law Courts

Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s followers on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, held prayers outside Shanzu Law Courts as their leader was being arraigned.

The tens of followers were captured in videos as they loudly prayed and sang outside the court, hoping that Pastor Odero would be released.

Also to be arraigned in court is cult-leader Paul Mackenzie.

Pastor Ezekiel Odero Followers conduct special prayers outside the Shanzu Law Courts in Mombasa. PHOTO| KEVIN ODIT

Mr Mackenzie of Good News International (GNI) church and Pastor Odero of New Life Prayer Center and Church have been linked to 109 deaths following the exhumation of the bodies from shallow graves in Shakahola Forest, Kilifi County.

Pastor Odero was last Thursday arrested at his Mavueni church in Kilifi County and is being detained at Port Police Station.

He was arraigned in Court on Friday, and the prosecution team requested that the preacher is held for 30 days.

However, the court said it will be ruling on the matter today, Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

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Lawyer Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta representing Pastor Ezekiel Odero arrive at the Shanzu Law Courts in Mombasa. PHOTO| KEVIN ODIT

Odero’s lawyer Jared Magolo said in court that the prosecution was on a fishing expedition because it had not given any evidence linking his client to Makenzi.

“You cannot blame a pastor for the death of a churchgoer if family members themselves take very sick people to the church, which is always the last resort,” he said.

The prosecution team linked the two preachers saying that they co-owned a television station which they used to pass radicalization messages.

Over the weekend, lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Dunstan Omari said that they will be representing Pastor Odero in court.

The duo, by the time of going to press, had already arrived in the courts and were welcomed by the preacher’s followers in ululation and claps.

It has also emerged that a number of people used to die inside the church premises of Pastor Odero and he usually handed them over to Milele Funeral Home.

Mr Makenzi allegedly indoctrinated his followers to starve to death to meet Jesus.

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Watch the drama below:

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