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WATCH: Pastor’s wife goes on viral rant against female congregants

By Winnie Mabel September 8th, 2022 2 min read

Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo, the founder and senior pastor at The Agape Christian Ministries Worldwide, went viral with her sermon berating female congregants who enjoyed chasing after their pastors.

The Nigerian Pastor explained the differences in how these kinds of women treated male pastors and their wives.

“If you’re not a pastor’s wife, you cannot understand what a pastor’s wife is going through.

For some of you, you all know your pastor, you love your pastor, you can die for your pastor, Christmas you bring a chef, you bring rice and drinks.

‘Daddy we thank God for you. You’re the Elijah of our time, what will my life look like without you…oh daddy, daddy’

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She noted, “… but when you see mommy, [all you can say is just] ‘bless you’. Because for some of you, we are married to the man that you will give anything to sleep with, so you hate us.

Our husbands are your dream men so you hate us.” Said Pastor Funke.

She went on to tell her congregation that such women hated even the sight of their pastor’s wives and enjoyed gossiping about them during church service.

“Some of you here view us as crocodiles when you see us sing here and cry. When we are preaching you are busy on Instagram,” added Pastor Funke.

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Check out her candid views in the tiktok video below.


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Her sentiments were met with applause and agreement. As the video went viral, most social media users agreed with her.

“I understand you, mummy. God give them more grace and the one who always condemns pastors’ children like they are angels that fell from heaven,” wrote Frutty R.

Other social media users said Pastor Funke had hit the nail on the head while some believed some pastors’ wives were just stubborn to a fault.

“However, the problem comes when pastor’s wife thinks she’s the pastor and vision bearer…no offence,” wrote Gospel on Tik Tok.

Pastor Funke is renowned in Nigeria for preaching hard-hitting topics such as teaching women how to be sexy for their husbands, advising her congregation to abandon poor friends for rich ones if they wanted to become rich.

She also warns pastors against asking victims to stay in abusive relationships.

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Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo and her husband Bishop Felix ‘Remi’ Adejumo
Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo and her husband Bishop Felix ‘Remi’ Adejumo

Pastor Funke is married to Bishop Felix ‘Remi’ Adejumo.

Celebrating 38 years of marriage, Pastor Funke gushed over her hubby in a Facebook post.

“38 Years Of An Amazing Journey! And still counting… Love. Joy. Laughter. Celebrations. Pains. Forgiveness. Lessons. Growth. Understanding. Service… and a lot more.”

She continued, “@felixadejumo and I are grateful to the great God for our journey. The longer we live, the brighter we shine.”

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