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Watch Raila groove to Rhumba music in the club – VIDEO

ODM leader Raila Odinga appears to be dancing his way into the festive season.

The opposition leader is one of the reliable opinion shakers in the country, but even he – it appears – requires time to unwind.

And just to prove that he too occasionally needs some out from politics, a video has emerged on social media showing Odinga shaking a leg at an entertainment joint.

What’s more, he is in the company of a female companion, with a live band in the background.

Odinga and his dancing partner are seen dancing to a Rhumba tune, even though it appears he doesn’t know he is being filmed.

That Odinga loves dancing is not a secret.

He was once seen dancing alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta at the latter’s birthday bash in 2018.

This latest dance comes at a time he has warmed his way into the good books of President Kenyatta.

Odinga has also been seen as the person leading the call for the country to head into a referendum to change the laws courtesy of the recently launched Building Bridges Initiative.