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WATCH: Rapper Khaligraph Jones tells how God saved his mother in new ‘Asante’ hit

Rapper Khaligraph Jones has shared the story of his mother’s miraculous recovery from Covid-19 in 2021.

This profound experience of witnessing his mother’s survival inspired Khaligraph’s newfound spirituality, reflected in his latest gospel song.

Khaligraph Jones has taken a spiritual turn in his career with his new gospel song, ‘Asante’.

In the song, he expresses gratitude to God, acknowledging the profound impact of faith in his life.

The lyrics reflect his newfound perspective on life and his unwavering trust in a higher power.

“I have never estimated God since I know He is a performer. You healed my mum when she almost died of Corona. Another reason for me to be grateful is that you have always answered my prayers. You have never turned your phone off,” Khaligraph passionately raps in his song.

Khaligraph Jones has been increasingly open about his spiritual journey and the role of prayer in his life.

In one of his earlier songs, he candidly shared a period of despair when he contemplated suicide but credited his faith and prayers for helping him overcome those dark moments.


The rapper also expressed a desire to collaborate with gospel artists to further spread his newfound message of faith and gratitude.

In August 2022, he revealed that he had approached several gospel musicians but found that some were hesitant to work with him, fearing potential criticism.

“I have approached several gospel musicians, but I don’t blame them; they say when they collaborate with me, they feel as though they will be criticized,” Khaligraph explained.

He had previously released a gospel song titled ‘Sifu Bwana’ in the past year but faced challenges in convincing gospel singers to join him in the project due to concerns about public perception.

“I understand them. There are some people who I used to talk to on the phone, and they kept telling me they are terrified of what others will say,” Khaligraph said.

Khaligraph Jones’s newfound spiritual journey is deeply rooted in his family’s religious background.

He comes from a devout Christian family, with his mother serving as a church minister, which has played a significant role in his spiritual awakening.

“Those who have been following me keenly know that I come from a prayerful background. My mother, a church minister, has been my biggest inspiration,” he said.

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