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WATCH: Rapper King Kaka builds mum a bungalow

Singer Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka celebrated what he says is his latest milestone on social media while recalling a difficult time in his life leading up to his current achievement.

In a post on Instagram, the Wanjinga Nyinyi hitmaker shared with his fans a house that he says he’s built his mother.

He added that the new house was a satisfying gesture for the family after recalling how they were once evicted for failing to Sh500 rent.

“One day I came home from school and Kanjo (county government officials) had placed a very Big padlock because we couldn’t afford to pay Sh500 rent, I promised my mom that in the future I’ll buy her a house. Fast forward 4days ago we just prayed in the living room of this house that I built for her,” explained the rapper.

“The Sounds of testimony and I am happy that she has a place she can call home. Thank you mom for putting on a brave face over the years even when I knew things were not okay. Asante and Be blessed. To all the believers, It’s possible! And God is Love,”

This, however, isn’t the only testimony the rapper has been sharing with his fans. Last year, King Kaka fell terribly ill after he was misdiagnosed and given a prescription for the wrong illness.

The rapper’s health deteriorated over time and through the photos shared online fans got concerned over his massive weight loss.

Kaka weighed 85 kg before the misdiagnosis, and by the time he was admitted to the hospital, he was at 62 kg. He said he went through something he would not wish on anyone, adding his support system, wife Nana, mother, and friends were integral to his recovery.

Post recovery, King Kaka launched a new album dubbed ‘Happy Hour’ which he described as a celebration of good health. He featured his wife, former Switch TV host Nana Owiti as the album cover in appreciation of her support and love throughout his bad days.