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WATCH: Reckless man steers car on highway using his legs

A video has emerged online that captures a reckless driver steering a car with his legs while smoking.

The unidentified man in the video sits on the driver’s seat with the chair’s backrest completely pushed back. He then proceeds to operate the vehicle with his two legs, his right leg on the peddle and the left on the steering wheel.

One hand is placed at the back of his head while the other holds a cigarette.

At one moment a vehicle behind him hoots at him and he boldly waves at the car with his foot.

The location and time that the footage was recorded remains unknown.

The filmed has aroused mixed reactions from KOT.

Rick D said; “I don’t care about him, I’m worried about other road users. Imagine if he was to ram into a family car with children on board.”

Sheehraw wrote; “Absolute madness.”

Wilson Wilson tweeted; “Ahaaa! I liked it when waved with his foot at that car honking! Jesus christ unbelievable!”

Arancliff commented; “Which police cell is this guy in, we deny him bail.”

Emanu kimkoech said; “@ntsa_kenya …please show this person where he belongs..not on our roads.”

Theo stated; “And another silly one is busy taking video… Blame it on what he’s puffing.”

Watch the video below.