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Watch: South African YouTuber Kurt Caz surprises mitumba seller with Sh122k gift

South African YouTuber Kurt Caz stunned his Kenyan guide and second-hand clothes seller in Gikomba market when he gifted him $1,000 (about Sh122,000 by the current exchange rates). On his last day in Kenya, Cuz recorded himself walking about Nairobi’s Central Business District as he headed towards a meeting with Edwin at Nairobi Cinema a few hours before he was to depart the country.

“I’ve got a little surprise for Edwin. As you guys know, I give donations from you guys to give to people just like Edwin. It’s not easy to find people like Edwin so when I come across people like him. I try and take the opportunity to give them the money that you guys send me or donate. I’ve accumulated quite the amount so we’re going to see what Edwin needs for his business or maybe we just give him the cash. I don’t know. We’re just going to see what’s best for him,” Mr Caz says in the video.

The two met and first had coffee together to wad off the cold as they discussed how Edwin began working at 9am selling clothes, depending on his tailor who works on his clothes before he can sell them. In turn, Edwin was surprised to learn that Mr Caz makes videos for a living as he travels the world; and actually got paid to create video content.

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Following the breakfast, the two went ahead on a ‘day in the life of Edwin’ video content creation as they headed to Gikomba, the largest open air second-hand clothes market in Kenya. Edwin revealed he sold denim jeans, jackets and t-shirts which he also customized for clients. Edwin revealed that he paid Sh50 per day to a storage facility where he kept his business stock.

During the entire interaction, Edwin cut across as a humble guy who did not yearn for too much in life but to make ends meet and have new experiences that he could afford, such as eating humburgers every day considering he ate it for the first time on Caz’ bill.

Upon arrival at Edwin’s house in Gikomba area as well, Caz was welcomed into a single-room where they discussed Edwin’s living situation and his life before Caz unveiled his surprise.

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“So Edwin, I want to tell you something. From my YouTube channel, I get people who send me money so when I find somebody like you, a good person, a good guy. You never asked for anything from me, not once and when I saw you at the market, you told those bad guys who were checking me out, and I saw your face and I realized that you just wanted to get me out of there because they were like ‘give me money, give me money.’ So, I’m a little bit nervous, so on my platform, we have people that send money to me to give to people like you so I want to give you some money so that it can help you out with your business, you dreams so that you can do the things you want to do,” said Caz

To which Edwin responded, “Thank you, God bless you.”

Caz went on to hand over a bundle of Sh 122,000 to a pleasant surprised Edwin who profusely thanked Caz. He told Caz that he was sent of God because God used man to do his bidding.

“I appreciate, God bless you. I thank you for this support as I’ll now go and grow my business. I’ll be more better than here, I’ll live better,” Edwin told Caz’ YouTube subscribers.

Edwin was further advised to not spend all the money on girls.

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