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WATCH: “Stella” finally addresses Freshly Mwamburi’s cheating claims in viral song

Every year on the 17th of May, singer Freshly Mwamburi’s heart breaks all over again as he remembers how he sacrificed his wealth to educate his woman, Stella, in Japan, only for her to return to Kenya with a Japanese baby in tow.

In his legendary song, Freshly, born Mwamburi Mwakachola, sang how he sold his land, cattle and car to get money to pay for Stella’s flight to Japan as well as for her upkeep money because he loved her.

Unfortunately, upon the completion of her studies, when he and his friends went to the airport to welcome her back home, she got off the plane with a Japanese child and a 4-foot-tall man standing beside her.

The song was originally released in 1992 after the heartbreak took place on May 17, 1992.

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30 years later, “Stella” has responded to Freshly’s allegations that she cheated on him when he saw her carrying a mixed-race baby as she got off the plane.

In a viral song by Kayte Melo, she sings as Stella, and attempts to explain to Freshly what actually happened.

She first acknowledged that indeed Freshly had financially taken care of her during her time in Japan; and went on to reveal that it was she who told Freshly and his friends to come and receive her at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on that fateful May day.

“I met a friend of mine by the name of Chung inside the same airplane I was in. He was with his wife and their child. I told Chung of my love who had sacrificed a lot for me to go to Japan. As soon as the plane landed, I witnessed drama. I alighted while carrying Chung’s child, he was beside me and his wife was behind him. When I saw my love Freshly, he appeared very disheartened. He bowed his  head and then left the airport. I handed the child back to Chung and rushed after my love but he got into his car and sped off as I watched,” sang “Stella”.

“Stella” went on to sing that she wrote letters to Freshly for months after the airport incident but he did not respond to any of them. She sought Freshly out via his friends but was told he had married another woman eight months earlier, and it was then that she heard Freshly’s ‘Stella Wangu’ hit song playing on airwaves. She said she was heartbroken as Freshly hadn’t even tried finding out what had happened and that was what he thought of her.

Stella finally accepted losing her love, Freshly, but asked him why he couldn’t believe her and why he got upset with her to the point that they lost their love.