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WATCH: The day the late Professor George Magoha predicted his death

By Winnie Mabel January 25th, 2023 2 min read

Former cabinet secretary for Education, Professor George Magoha, passed on at the Nairobi Hospital on January 24, 2023, after suffering cardiac arrest.

Nairobi News reported that his wife confirmed his death, saying he was rushed to the hospital after falling ill. He died at 71 and was hailed by Kenyans as an astute academician who broke glass ceilings in his field.

As condolence messages continued to roll in, a video of the late Professor Magoha predicting his death caught the attention of many.

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In the same video, he also spoke of his humble family beginnings and how his early life circumstances did not stop him from achieving what he had achieved in his lifetime.

“But I always remember where I came from. We had to sleep on a mat- four of us- and one round blanket so that if you are intelligent, you stay in the center so that the heat of the other people could keep you warm. But if you are on the outside, you also keep on praying because; did it stop me from getting to where I am today?

So let us have our goals but the most important thing that we are molding angels to go forward and make sure that our country looks better for the period that we are here, because in about sixty years, there will be nobody in this room. Won’t we be gone?

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Maybe that one, maybe my daughter there but all the others, I will be among the first to go… So the question you will be asking yourself is ‘What will I be remembered for?’ when you were the head teacher of this school, what is it that God will ask me ‘I gave you an authority over these people, what is it that you did when you were there?’ the late Professor Magoha told an animated audience during a past conference.


Prior to his death, the late Professor Magoha had been the cabinet secretary for Education and had been embarking on working with a local university’s medicine department before his sudden demise.

He was hailed as an academic giant who excelled in learning, teaching, and research.

He is survived by a wife, Dr Barbara Magoha, and son, Dr Michael Magoha.

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