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WATCH: This man attempted to evict his wife from Women’s Day event. Big mistake!

The irony of life played out on Friday morning when a drunk man stormed an International Women’s Day celebration in Turkana demanding for food and money from his wife.

The man, who also wanted to evict his wife from the event, however, got more than what he bargained for when tables turned on him.

Some of the women, who had attended the meeting with the man’s wife were caught on video roughing him up as he laid on the ground. The incident happened at Lokori town in Turkana East Sub County.

At some point, the unidentified man is seen trying to broker a truce with the angered women who had ganged up against him.


Trouble started at 10am when the man stormed the women’s meeting and demanded that his wife follows him home to prepare a meal.

The man was also demanding money to spent.

The wife claimed that the man had spent the night at a drinking den.

It is then that the women got agitated and descended on him. They said it was their day.