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WATCH: Ugandans scramble for cooked rice spilled on the ground

By Winnie Mabel December 23rd, 2022 2 min read

A section of Kampala’s Central Business District in Uganda was brought to a standstill as public motorcycle transport operators (boda bodas), business operators and pedestrians jostled to scoop cooked rice that had spilled onto the ground.

A video shared on social media by the Monitor on December 22, 2022, shows rice spilt in the middle of the road when a wheelbarrow pusher tasked to transport the meal from its point of cooking origin to one of the downtown Kampala restaurants spilled it instead.

In the accompanying video seen by Nairobi News, the aforementioned Ugandans caused a ruckus in the middle of the road as they jostled one another to scoop up as much rice as they could without getting the food that touched the muddy ground.

In one instance, a long distance travelling bus was stopped in the middle of the street because it’s front passenger wheel was about to step on the food. Several boda boda operators milled around the spilled delicacy- some still on their motorcycles.

Passers by were left with mouths open in shock as they watched their hungry compatriots rush to the scene with polythene paper bags to scoop up the food while others used their bare hands to scoop up as much as they could, eat it on site and scoop up more.

One boda boda was recorded picking out meat from the rice meal.

In the comment section, Ugandans did not know whether to laugh or be upset with some attributing the incident to the state of the country’s economy.

“Christmas has started early,” laughed Mukiibi Enock.

“President Museveni needs to see this. It comes in a while after declaring Uganda a middle income country. Perfect indicator,” added Prof. Banaga Kevin Robinson.

“Museveni must be very happy he has eliminated poverty in Uganda,” said Obel Humphrey.

“This is sad. Risking getting knocked just to pick up rice on a muddy surface! A sign of starving citizens,” added Abaho Bashajia.

“Oh dear, I hope our leaders see this for what it really is. Life is hard due to the high cost of living. No one would stoop this low if things were okay,” said Becky.

“This explains what is (happening) in people’s homes, people are sleeping hungry, sad!” added Mwesigwa Herber.

“And that’s where I wish the decorated rich of this country can for one act like native citizens and give back the necessary to the needy society of this land but we are doomed,” lamented Mohammed Zac.

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