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WATCH: Uhuru gives ministers a public dress down as crowd cheers

President Uhuru Kenyatta publicly scolded his minister during a meeting with Kenyans living in Namibia as those in attendance cheered him on.

The meeting in Windhoek on Thursday saw the president giving a raft of directives to his ministers, including an order to Foreign Affairs Secretary Monica Juma to ensure Kenyans can apply for passports in embassies and High Commissions and consulates located abroad.

“Why should people be asked to go all the way to Kenya to get a passport?” posed the President.

The President further warned that “leo tutakosana, hawataongea ni mimi… lazima ukweli isemwe.”

He then proceeded to give Agriculture Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri a tongue-lashing for getting a notepad to write what he is saying, yet he never did the same when Kenyans were raising concerns.

“I can see my brother Kiunjuri here opening a notepad to write what am saying yet he did not bother to write what Kenyans were saying,” the President said amid cheers.

He then directs his anger to Trade Secretary Peter Munya.

“Hata Munya, tunaangalia tu, same to my longest serving Personal Assistant anaangalia tu,” the President said.