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Watch: Vera Sidika in therapy to cope with mysterious death of bestie, Aziza

Prominent socialite Vera Sidika has recently shared her heartfelt journey of dealing with the loss of her best friend, Aziza Frisby, and how it affected her mental health.

The mother of two revealed that her friend’s passing took an emotional toll on her, leading her to seek professional help through therapy.

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In an interview with Nairobi News on a Sunday, October 15, shortly after returning from the United States, Vera opened up about the profound impact of losing someone so close to her.

“That was a really tough time for me. Losing someone that close to me. I have lost relatives whom I met maybe once when I was a little girl, but here I am losing someone who was so close to me, I would talk to her every day. It was really hard for me. Actually, I went through therapy to help me deal with that,” Vera Sidika shared.

The loss that Vera is grappling with is the passing of Aziza, a prominent socialite in the East African region.

Aziza’s unexpected demise left her friends and acquaintances in a state of shock and grief.

Vera Sidika expressed her disappointment and frustration on October 6 over the absence of local celebrities at Aziza’s funeral in Tanzania.

While many local celebrities mourned Aziza on social media, Vera referred to them as “fake friends” who offered condolences online but did not make the effort to attend the funeral in person.

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She lamented that some individuals who claimed to be close to Aziza did not make the relatively short trip to pay their final respects.

In one of her posts, Vera wrote:

“So none of you would take a one hour and 30 minutes flight from Nairobi to Dar to pay your last respect to a person you called a friend. Knowing how Islamic customs prioritize quick burials? This is why I say this world is filled with so many fake friends. It literally takes about 24 hours to fly from the USA to Kenya; everything happened so fast, I cannot believe it. Your sister did not even get to see you. I’m so heartbroken right now.”

An autopsy conducted on Aziza’s body, ruled out any signs of physical attack, leaving suspicions that she may have succumbed to an overdose.

The pathologists who conducted the autopsy found her body intact, dispelling any initial notions of foul play.

However, in their quest for answers, samples were carefully collected from her body for toxicology tests. These tests aim to shed light on the circumstances surrounding her sudden and tragic demise.

Aziza Frisby’s lifeless body was discovered on Wednesday, October 4, morning, long after her passing had occurred. She was found in her bed, and it was noted that she had vomited before her tragic end.

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