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Watch: Why Kenyan hip hop duo ‘K-South’ broke up

Kenyan Veteran hip hop star Bamboo-born Simon Kimani has in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News disclosed the real reason why his former duo K-South broke up.

K-South was made up of himself and rapper Doobeez also known as Abbas Kubaff.

Speaking to Josephine Njoroge, the rapper said that the circumstances surrounding, the duo split, included long-distance challenges as he kept travelling to and from the states, and finally found himself relocating with his family to Nigeria.

“We are still friends and everything but we just went separate ways. Around 2001 I started travelling. When I came back to Kenya when I was 15 years old, I didn’t come back with my parents. In 2001 my dad told me to pack my bags and go to Nigeria,” said the artiste.

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Bamboo went to stress on the fact that there is no bad blood between him and his former music partner Abass Kubaff, only that they chose different paths in their music careers.

“Going to Nigeria played a part in the duo separating because he had to continue making music in Kenya while I was in Nigeria. We are still cool and all, but you know events sometimes just push people apart,” Bamboo said.

Speaking about his transition from hip hop to gospel, the singer said that going to the US changed his perspective about the hip hop music scene in general which drove him to switch his genre of interest.

“I think it’s when I came back from the states for the second time. While I was in the States I began to see what these superstars were doing behind the scenes and I was not cool with that stuff. You are not even allowed to talk about what goes on,” he said.

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The rapper further disclosed that the music scene in the US is not as it may seem at face value as many people are deceived by the glitz and glamour.

“I was excited to do music in America, but then I saw what was behind the scenes and it was not what I wanted. A lot of these guys are in cults, and for them, it’s not really about music, it’s about control and power. I realized that what they do is evil and that there’s a mafia that controls the music industry.”

The singer has actively been doing gospel music for about 5 years now, and has recently released a hit single dubbed ‘Too Blessed To Be Stressed’.

“I started gospel around 2017-2018, but I was not so much in the scene at the time as I had a big court case and I wanted to first see how that goes. It slowed me down but I knew once it’s done I will do music the way I want to.”

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