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Watch: Why media houses are showing different results

Netizens have been wondering why the various media houses have different results for the presidential tally.

This comes two days after the polls took place and voters are eagerly waiting for the results.

The CEO of the Media Council of Kenya David Omwoyo Omwoyo  sent out a statement on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 explaining why the tallying results vary.

Omwoyo in the statement said: “The Media Council of Kenya has noted growing concerns on the different election results being transmitted by media houses.

The Council appreciates this as a genuine uneasiness, given its implication on anxiety levels among the public.”

Omwoyo explained that the results being projected by the various media houses are all from the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“The sequencing by different media houses is from different voting areas.”

Omwoyo continued, “The Media Council of Kenya is in consultation with Media Owners and Editors to find an urgent solution to this to ensure Kenyans receive synchronised results. 

Media houses have previously executed joint production with remarkable success on such matters of national interest.”

He concluded, “In the meantime, we remind Kenyans that the final results of the elections win be declared by IEBC.”

Here are the three main reasons why different media houses are showing different presidential election results figures.  

  1. The speed at which various media houses are processing the data from the 34A forms
  2. The randomness in which the IEBC is uploading the form into the portal.
  3. The randomness with which the media houses are picking the forms from the portal and processing them.

Watch as Dan Mwangi of NTV explains the phenomenon.

One tweep, @JpSimiyu added, “Again, answered. It depends with what areas you are tallying from. If, for example, I start with some strongholds, expect the results to reflect my choice. Point is, at some point the numbers will converge.”


IEBC boss Chebukati explained that “The tallies across media houses differ because they are using different criteria and level of resources.”

Adding, “There should be no panic because of the different results being seen because the final result will be announced by IEBC.”