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WATCH: Willy Paul caught on tape slapping woman

By THOMAS MATIKO October 29th, 2018 2 min read

Gospel singer Willy Paul has come out to clear the air after being caught on video in a scuffle with a woman at a car park.

In the video captured on Sunday night, Willy Paul and the yet to be identified woman engage in a heated argument at a car park before things turn nasty and the musician starts raining slaps on her.

Security guards, who were only a few meters away, watch in amusement before attempting to intervene.

According to sources, the incident happened at the parking lot of his Syokimau house hours after the two had attended a church service together.

The lady can be heard screaming and calling out Willy Paul’s name as she tried to grab him.

Here are excerpts of the argument.

Lady: Willy are you serious

Willy Paul: Wacha kunishika, wacha kunishika (he shouts back)

Lady: Niache!

Willy Paul: Ona huyu (the singer retorts as the guards start closing in to stop the drama)

After the guard’s intervention, Willy Pauls walks away before changing his mind and returns and is heard asking

Willy Paul: Ni nini wewe unaleta drama hapa?

Lady: You started the drama (she answered)

Willy Paul walks out of the frame again before returning once more, fights off the watchmen who had kept him at bay, reaches out to the lady and assault her once again as she screams.

He then snatches her phone and smashes it on the floor of the pavement.

When Nairobi News reached Willy Paul on Monday for comment, he claimed the incident was part of a scene of his reality show.

“Aaah hiyo story sikutaka itoke hivyo but juu sasa watu wamejua, hiyo ni Reality Show yangu inacome SOON itahusu money, fights, drama na vitu kama hizo” he explained.