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Here are the not too serious ways to know he loves you this Valentine’s Day

February 13th, 2019 1 min read

Valentine’s Day is just a day away and as expected Kenyans on Twitter have found a cheeky way of telling their significant others the type of gift they should get for them for the occasion.

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year couples in romantic relationships go all out to express their love for each other with grand gestures.

With this in mind most men are usually under pressure to impress their women and come up with the ‘perfect’ gift.

It appears Kenyans on Twitter have finally hacked it.

Using the hashtag #YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen they shared different ideas on what would be the best gift this Valentine.

Kibiwott Meshack tweeted, “#YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen he is always jealous.”

Dean kip254 said, “#YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen he wash your all clothes including bikini and chupis.”

Lewis Ngunyi commented, “So they came up with the #YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen conversation so that they can lowkey put their expectations for Valentine’s to give boy child headaches tomorrow.”

Yvonne said, “#YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen he wants to introduce you his family and friends.”

Fredrick Mwangi remarked, “#YouKnowHeLovesYouWhen you no longer have to wear makeup around him.”

Others chose to use some hilarious memes: