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Ways to make a one night stand less awkward

By REBECCA JONES November 7th, 2015 2 min read

In an ideal world, sexual intimacy would happen only in the confines of a serious relationship. The reality however is that people have one-night stands. When they happen, more often than not, they are awkward experiences.

Here’s how you can make that chips funga experience less awkward.

1. Wrap it up – One nights stands, I imagine, must be exciting it is easy to get carried away by the moment. If you have made the decision to have a one night stand, you can prevent the awkwardness of having your partner in crime calling a few days down the line to ask if you gave them an STI by using protection.

2. Assess the situation – Before you decide to go home with someone, assess their condition. Are they sober enough to make a decision as big as having a one night stand? If not, don’t go with them. This will prevent that look of horror the morning after when it dawns on her what exactly took place.

3. Should she change her mind- Plans are never set in stone. Especially those involving rash decisions like one night stands. Should you get to your rendezvous and your partner in crime changes her mind about getting intimate, respect her decision. Do not beg her over and over, this will just put miserable pictures of you in her head.

4. Do not take pictures – When most one night stands happen, there is alcohol involved. This can lead to unwise decisions like taking photographs and posting on social media or even making sex tapes that often have a way of getting out. If you really want to remember the experience, keep it in your mind. Do not leave a digital footprint.

5. Do not have breakfast – Most of the one night stand awkwardness comes the morning after. You might offer your one night stand breakfast out of guilt or in an attempt to be nice. But truth is, little good can come out of it. This just reminds you of the mistake you made last night and it might also send the wrong signal to the other party.

6. Make some conversation – You might be feeling awkward the morning after, this is alright. Do not however make the situation worse by acting awkward. Try and make a little conversation with your date. Make them a little at ease with the situation. Do not however ask for phone numbers or facebook identities if you do not intend to continue seeing them.

7. Choose carefully – Who you choose to have a one night stand with matters. If you go for a person with whom you have many mutual friends, then this moment which is often a result of a lapse of judgment will stay with you forever.

8. Don’t leave things behind – While there are stories of happy marriages that began as a one night stand, it usually is intended to last only the night. Leaving things over at her place will only extend the awkwardness, especially if the experience was an unpleasant one.