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Wazito FC owner says he won’t cut his players’ salaries

The owner of Wazito FC, Ricardo Badoer, has announced he will not be effecting pay-cuts on his staff in Kenya despite the financial challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dubai-based Badoer has invested millions of shillings in Kenya in the last 18 months.

He purchased the Kenyan Premier League club and also set up an online TV channel – Madgoat TV – which has been producing live sports events.

KPL matches have since been stopped indefinitely in the wake of a government order banning public gatherings, effectively grounding Wazito and Madgoat employees.

“My thinking is that when you have people working for you, you cannot decide not to pay them because there is a virus in the world. It would be very unfair for me to pull such a move. They have families, they need to put food on the table and such. I have to consider their welfare too,” Badoer explained.

“I always put money aside that can run my business and pay my people during the bad times. When you survive the bad times, you come back stronger,” he further said.

Wazito are currently placed 13th on the 18-team KPL standings.