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We are still good friends, Bensoul confirms breakup with Noni Gathoni

Sol Generation singer Bensoul has confirmed his breakup with Noni Gathoni saying they tried making things work to no avail.

In a candid conversation with Mungai Eve, the Favorite Song hitmaker said he is currently single but not mingling as his music and daughter are first priority at the moment. 

“For now I am just like Harmonize. I’m not mingling, but I am single. Well, love comes and goes. You try to work things out but you get to a point where it’s hard to fix them, and that’s just how it ended. It’s life,” Bensoul said. 

“We don’t have bad blood, we still support each other in many ways,” he explained. 

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“We tried to be on the same page on things, but it felt in our hearts like we were forcing. We then saw there was no need to force, but we are still good friends. It’s not about the baby mama drama, it was because of other reasons,” Bensoul remarked.

Speaking about his new song Melody, which he dedicated to his daughter, the singer said contrary public perception, he composed the song with only his daughter in mind. He said that he wanted to make his daughter proud and let her know that even as she gets older she would know she is his priority. 

“On the album, I wrote a song called Melody, for my beautiful daughter. The reason I wrote that song is because I would like her to be proud she has a superstar dad,” said Bensoul.

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He praised his daughter for being a beacon of hope and strength for him.

“She is the melody I did not know I needed because she has healed me in so many ways that sometimes I sit back and be glad that we decided to have the baby,” he said.

Bensoul also refuted claims that he had beef with his baby mama over child support, saying he has always and will always be present in his child’s life. 

“We did not have any beef with my baby mama at any one point. I have been present in my child’s life and I keep close tabs with my baby mama to ensure the child is okay,” he said.

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